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Students consulting firm in Bangladesh is facilitating the students who are willing to go abroad for higher education and want to reach the institution of their choice. Since 2007 we are being the pioneer student-recruiting agency of the country sending many students to the eminent university/College/Institutes in Asia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Cyprus and Scandinavian countries successfully.

OSS is situated in the heart of Diplomatic Zone, the posh and vibrant commercially important Gulshan-2, the opposite of Manarat International College. We Have 3,800 Square feet officespace, which consists of 14 office rooms with all modern technological facilities.

Education is an investment for generations - so goes our talisman. Committed to the cause of education, we, would like to introduce ourselves as those, striving to help the student community with this metaphorical investment. We strive to make sure that diligent and deserving students set themselves on the course of education of their flair and thereby embark on the profession, occupation, vocation, etc. that suits them the best and that they could make huge contributions to. Subsequent to an extensive and nearly exhaustive ground work involving considerable time and effort, we have been doing this successfully for the past three years. We would like to add in this connection that, we have brought the three key elements concerning overseas education under one roof, much to the benefit of the students; Coaching and Admission. This, if we may evince, is hailed by students as a novel idea.

As mentioned above, our activities can broadly be classified into two:

University Admission
IELTS Support

Visa Guidelines and Mock-visa interview.

Each of the above two comprises all the essential as well as extra-essential aspects of the process.

The Overseas Study Solution Ltd. (OSS)
Road # 104, House# 3G, Flat# C2,Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212 , Bangladesh , Email:

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